Lauren Moggach


A creative leader and forward thinker with 10+ years of combined UX and Graphic Design experience. Currently based in Calgary, Alberta.


Lauren Moggach

Lauren is a designer and a natural leader, she excels in connecting the dots between business needs, innovation and good design. Lauren leads by example and strives to champion and educate the teams she works with in user-centered design methodologies and design thinking. Throughout her 10+ year career, she has sharpened her skills in user experience design, user interface design, information architecture, interaction design, visual design, research and business strategy. 

A senior creative leader with vast experience ranging from art direction, print design to product ownership, she has the proven ability to apply an understanding of visual design and user experience strategies. She has delivered numerous innovative design solutions, and helped multiple organizations to exceed their business objectives.

Over the span of her professional career, she has worked in various agency, corporate, startup and not-for-profit environments in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Her unique mix of work experience has allowed her to excel at multidisciplinary design, and has created a solid foundation; comprising of the many important traits that make up a successful designer.

Currently based in Calgary, Canada, Lauren continues to pursue inspiring design work. Her focus over the past 4 years has been on UX Design which has supported the advancement of her skills as a digital expert, and her passion for this challenging art form.